A culture is the values and practices shared by the members of the group. Company Culture, therefore, is the shared values and practices of the company's employees. A well-developed company culture creates positive changes across the board. At Henghao, you will find the following characteristics:

►Mission clarity
Certain and clear work for every member in the company. It is an important way to make a certain people for a certain job.

►Employee commitment
We make solid employee benefits package for our employees, from medical insurance to paid time off and employee assistance programs, is there when need it.

►Fully empowered employees
Everyone gets full power to deal with his job and make his right decision.

►High integrity workplace
A good workplace is vital to one's positive working attitude.

►Strong trust relationships
It is crucial to get workmates' trust and trust your partner.
►Highly effective leadership
Strong leadership comes from employees confidence and support, representing and benefiting employees interests.

►Effective systems and processes
Henghao is powerful enough to get everything effective.
►Performance-based compensation and reward programs
Everyone deserves his reward from what he did.

We always hold the principle that CUSTOMER IS GOD!

►Effective 360-degree communications
Communication is efficiency.
►Commitment to learning and skill development
►Emphasis on recruiting and retaining outstanding employees
Outstanding employee is the future of a company.
►High degree of adaptability
►High accountability standards
►Demonstrated support for innovation
Innovation is the developing force of enterprises. 

  Our main products : 
   Aluminum Mirror Sheet
   3003 Antirust Aluminum Plate
   Aluminium Sheet-Orange Skin Pattern 
   Aluminium Tread Sheet/Plate-5 Bar Pattern
   Aluminum Strip
   Aluminum Strip for Insulated Glass
   Aluminum Strip/ Foil for Transformer 
   Aluminium Strip for Fin Radiator 
Aluminum Foil for Bottle Cap

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